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She played Circus Baby in Five Nights at Classified´s Series

She played Pocahontas in Teodorahontas and Teodorahontas 2: Journey To a New World

She played Blossom in The Powerpuff Girls (2016) (Systariansrule2024 Human Style)

She is a Powerpuff Girl

She played Anita Radcliffe in 101 Wolves (1961) and 101 Wolves 2: Stinky's London Adventure (2003)

She is a Mother

She played Kate in Alpha and Omega (Systariansrule2024 Human Style)

She is a Wolf

She played Mavis in Hotel Transylvania (Davidchannel's Version), Hotel Transylvania 2 (Davidchannel's Version) and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacations (Davidchannel's Version)

She is a vampire

She Played Clara in The Lion Prince (1990)

She is a Girl

She Played Ariel in The Little Mer-Villavicencio (1989), The Little Mer-Villavicencio II: Return to the Sea (2000) and The Little Mer-Villavicencio III: Teodora's Beginning (2008)

She is a Mermaid

She Played Linda Gunderson in Rio (Mekhi Fox Loud), Rio (Ben Rei Productions), Rio 2 (Mekhi Fox Loud) and Rio 2 (Ben Rei Productions)

She Played Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas (Juan Almendarez Style)

She Played Dr. Flora (with Marcella as Extra) in A Toon's Life (Mekhi Fox Loud)

She is a Ant

She Played Mulan in Teodoralan and Teodoralan II