Terra from alpha and omega 2 is a Character

Princess she wolf.jpg

Terra plays Scarlet Overkill in Lizards (Minions) or Rats (Minions) or Mise (Minions)

She is a super villain

Terra plays Yzma in A Wolf's New Groove

She is a emperor imvizer

Terra plays Ursula in The Little Mer-Wolf

She is a sea witch

Terra plays Ronno's mother in Stinkambi 2

She is a dow

Terra plays Hera Syndulla in Star Wars: Rebels (Youknowhatmoviesucks Style)

She is a (Twi'lek) Pilot



Alpha & Omega 2: A Roar-iday Adventure (Princebalto Style)- Played by


  • Husband-Nars
  • Son - Fleet
  • Daughter - Magril
  • Good friend-Runt
  • Father- Slash/King
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