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Tessie Bear (voiced by the late Susan Sheridan in the UK and Catherine Disher in the US) is a kind-hearted, friendly teddy bear who is Noddy's best friend and the deuteragonist from Noddy's Toyland Adventures. She was voiced by Susan Sheridan in Noddy's Toyland Adventures, Richard Briers in the 1970's version.

Tessie Bear wears a pink bonnet with blue flowers on it and a pink and blue skirt with white polk-dots.

She has a dog named Bumpy Dog.

Tessie Bear may or may not have a crush on Noddy, - but she was seen holding his hand at the end of Noddy is Far Too Busy.

Her first appearance in the 90's version was in Noddy and the Naughty Tail. She also appears in other Noddy shows except Toyland Detective 



Tessie in the 70's Version.