• Mowgli - Wart (The Sword In The Stone)
  • Baloo - Po the Panda (Kung Fu Panda)
  • Bagheera - Alex the Lion (Madagascar)
  • Kaa - Sir Hiss (Robin Hood)
  • Shere Khan - Scar (The Lion King)
  • King Louie - King Julien (Madagascar) (In Shadow Play)
  • Flunkey Monkey - Mort (Madagascar)
  • Buzzie the Vulture - Digit (Cyberchase)
  • Flaps the Vulture - Archimedes (The Sword In The Stone)
  • Ziggy the Vulture Mr. Stork (Dumbo)
  • Dizzy the Vulture - Toucan Sam (Froot Loops)
  • Lucky - Scuttle (The Little Mermaid)
  • Shanti - Alice (Alice In Wonderland)
  • Ranjan - Tipo (The Emporor's New Groove)
  • Colonel Hathi - Manny (Ice Age)
  • Hathi Junior - Lumpy (Pooh's Helfalump Movie)
  • Baby Mowgli - Jack-Jack Parr (The Incredibles/Incredibles 2) (In Shadow Play)
  • The Bandar-Logs Monkeys - Various Lemurs (Madagascar)
  • Mowgli and Ranjan's Parents - Pacha and Chicha (The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Shanti's Mother - Anita Radcliffe (101 Dalamtians)
  • Kids Sings 'Jungle Rhytum' With Mowgli - Charlie Brown, Linus Van Pelt, Lucy Van Pelt, Sally Brown, Marcie, Peppermint Patty, Franklin, Schroeder, The Little Red Haired Girl, Violet, Pigpen, Patty, Shermy & Frieda (Peanuts), Mabel Pines & Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls), Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph), Lilo (Lilo & Stitch), Dash Parr (The Incredibles), Russell (Up) Margo Gru, Edith Gru & Agnes Gru (Despicable Me) Lincoln Loud (The Loud House), Mertle Edmonds (Lilo & Stitch) and Tafftyta Muttonfudge (Wreck-It Ralph)
  • Animals Sings 'W.I.L.D' - 


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