The Artemis Bag was a craft tote bag that Artemis used to help the kids with crafts in Season 1 up to Season 6. It first appeared in the episode The Queen of Make-Believe, and for a final time in Birthday Olé. Every time the Artemis Bag was used, Artemis and the children would sing a song about it.


  • Well I've been looking in my Artemis Bag
  • And I found alot of things.
  • Gizmos and gadgets and odds and ends.
  • And even some old string.
  • So let's ask ourselves a question,
  • "What can we make today?"
  • With imagination and the Artemis Bag
  • We'll see what we can make today
  • Yeah!
  • See what we can make today.


  • In "Artemis Live! In New York City" after the first verse is sung, the kids sing it again. This version was also used on the album "Artemis' Favorites Volume 2".
  • An early version of the Artemis Bag was used in Season 1.
  • At 40 appearances, this song is the second most used original Artemis song used on the series, despite being discontinued in 1999.

Episodes that Used this Item/Things that they Make:

Season 1

  1. The Queen of Make-Believe (first appearance) - A Box Robot
  2. Playing It Safe - Box Cars
  3. The Treasure of Rainbow Beard - Telescopes
  4. What's That Shadow? - Silly Monster Masks
  5. I Just Love Bugs - Spiders and Spider Webs
  6. Oh, What a Day! - Rhythm Instruments

Season 2

  1. Falling for Autumn! - A Pinecone Birdfeeder
  2. May I Help You? - Funny Fishes
  3. Look at Me, I'm 3! - Things to put in Luna's Birthday Presents
  4. Stop, Look and Be Safe! - Streamer Kites
  5. A Very Special Delivery! - Ukuleles
  6. Love to Read, with Artemis (Scene Taken from: May I Help You?)
  7. Artemis Live! In New York City - A Glittered Heart, but was kidnapped by Winnie the Pooh before they even showed it to the audience
  8. Artemis' Favorites Vol. 2 (Audio Taken from: Artemis Live! In New York City)

Season 3

  1. If the Shoe Fits... - Box Shoes
  2. On the Move - A Memory Book
  3. Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends - A Paper Rabbit
  4. Are We There Yet? - Accessories for Artemis' Car
  5. Hats Off to Danny! - A very special spare cap for Danny
  6. Artemis' Fun & Games - Bean Bags
  7. Artemis' Musical Scrapbook (Scene Taken from: Hats Off to Danny!)

Season 4

  1. Artemis' Good Day, Good Night - Sun Visors
  2. Is Everybody Happy? - Feeling Masks
  3. Pennies, Nickels, Dimes - A Piggy Bank
  4. We've Got Rhythm - Drums and Tambourines
  5. It's Tradition - Family Flags
  6. Going on a Bear Hunt - Paper Bear Headbands
  7. Let's Eat - Place Mats
  8. Easy, Breezy Day! - Paper Fans
  9. All Mixed Up - Paper Suns

Season 5

  1. Books Are Fun! - An "Ocean in a Box" (Ocean Diorama)
  2. Artemis' Band - Musical Instruments
  3. Hidden Treasures - Box Animal Puppets
  4. A Royal Welcome - Paper Crowns
  5. A Package of Friendship - A Picture Frame

Season 6

  1. Itty Bitty Bugs - Paper Butterflies
  2. A Sunny, Snowy Day - Paper Snowflakes
  3. You've Got to Have Art - Macaroni Necklaces
  4. Birthday Olé (last appearance) - Shakers and Maracas
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