The Backyard Care Bears (Xavier Krantz Version)

Bases off of Disneystyle8's Backyard Care Bears seires, the Backyard Care Bears will have the viewers involvement, but this version have more and more viewers involvment than the original Backyardigans.

The Backyard Care Bears Season 1

  • Lets Play Pretend! (transcript)
  • Old McGrumpy Had A farm
  • Up down and Around
  • 5,4,3,2,1 Blast Off
  • 4 Seasons Day
  • The Pirate of Luckbeard
  • Riding the WIld West
  • Land of Nursery
  • Music Mountain
  • I Can be a Pilot
  • The Backyard Circus Bears
  • barney and the Backyard Care Bears
  • Alooooooooooooha
  • The Shape Forest
  • Whoo!! Whoo!!
  • Lets Set Sail


Cheer Bear: as Uniqua

Tenderheart Bear: Pablo

Good Luck Bear: Austin

Grumpy Bear: as Tyrone

Share Bear: Tasha

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