"Aww Office Monkey look upset. Office Monkey want a Banana?"

The Boss is a minor character of Dan Vs.

The Boss played Goofy Goober waiter in The SunBob ShimmerPants Movie

The Boss played Barrucuda in Finding Yellow Kirby

She's a barracuda

The Boss played Fairy Godmother in Sunset Shimmerek 2,

The Boss played Zira in The Canterlot Queen 2

She is a lion

The Boss played Nana in Ponygascar, The Crystal Power Team Christmas Caper

She is an old lady

The Boss (in her second form) played Marge Simpson in The Hubsters

She is the mother of the Simpsons

The Boss played Oogie Boogie in The Nightmare Before Christmas (FemaleRockz), Deema and The Boss's Filthy Finale

The Boss played Ursula in The Little Golden Girl

The Boss played Zira in The Golden Queen: Deema's Pride

The Boss played Scar in The Emerald King

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