The Cave of Wonders is an Life Cave


He played the Magic Mirror in Elsa White and the Seven Boys

He played Lucifer in Gloriarella

He played the Doorknob in Kai-Lan in Wonderland

He played the Stove in Beauty and the Hyena

He played Felicia in The Great Aardvark Detective

He played Tick-Tock Crocodile in Arthur Pan

He played Max in Apes Don't Dance

He played the Red Bull in The Last Dinosaur

He played Shere Khan in The Jungle Book (Arthurandfriends Style)

He played the Skull in Cheezi and Chungu the Magnificents (1999)


In Ericladdin, Pinocchioladdin, Dannyladdin, Tarladdin, and Dudleyladdin Played By Itself or Himself

In Leoladdin Played By Devil Dog

In Baltladdin & Aangladdin Played By Lion Turtle

In Todladdin & Phineasladdin Played By Monstro the Whale

In Homerladdin Played By Sharptooth

In Mannyladdin and Curdieladdin Played By Soto

In Kermiladdin Played By Monster House

In Arthurladdin Played By Chernabog

In Kronkladdin and Tylerladdin Played by Forte

In Baileyladdin Played By The Grand Duke of Owls

In Leapladdin Played By Tyrannosaurus Rex

In Jeremyladdin Played By the Magic Mirror

In Loudladdin Played By Hexxus

In Lawrenceladdin Played By Oogie Boogie

In Owenladdin Played By The Red Death

In Barryladdin Played By Goliath

In Legolasladdin Played by Audrey II (upcoming)


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