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This is a spoof of The Lion King Made by ProMasterepic.


  • Little Daddy (Hungry Shark Evolution) as Young Simba
  • Little Momma (Hungry Shark World) as Young Momma
  • Big Daddy The Dunkleosteus (Hungry Shark Evolution) as Adult Simba
  • Big Momma The Dunkleosteus (Hungry Shark Evolution) as Adult Nala
  • Luminite The Narralliclyus Shark (Hungry Shark Evolution) as Mufasa
  • Female Blue Whale as Sarabi
  • Abysshark (Hungry Shark Evolution) as Scar
  • Kong (Legendary Pictures) as Rafiki
  • Rayman as Zazu
  • Boyfriend, Girlfriend and Pico (Friday Night Funkin') as Timon and Pumbaa
  • Giant Crab Boss (Hungry Shark Evolution) as Shenzi
  • Elder Guardian (Minecraft) as Banzai
  • Drowned (Minecraft) as Ed
  • Mobs (Minecraft) as The Hyenas
  • Tiger Shark (Hungry Shark Evolution) as Sarafina
  • Various Animals (The Lion King, Ice Age, Jurassic Park, MLP:fim, Minecraft)
  • Rabbids (Rayman Raving Rabbids) as The Wildebeests

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