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The Female's World is a 1999 American traditionally animated movie. It tells the story of May, (Jennifer Aniston) an outcast inventor girl who recruits a group of circus clowns she mistakes for warriors when her colony is threatened by a group of bullies. It is produced by Columbia Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures. The film was directed by Dennis Dugan. The movie takes place during 1996.


Female Island is a colony of people led by the King and his son, Prince Richard. Every season, they are forced to give food to a gang of marauding bullies led by Nefaria. One day, when May, an individualist and would-be inventor, inadvertently knocks the offering into a stream with his latest invention, a grain harvesting device, Nefaria demands twice as much food as compensation. When May suggests in earnest that they seek help from other stronger people, the other people see it as an opportunity to remove her and send her off.

At New York City, May mistakes a troupe of Circus Clowns (who were recently dismissed by their greedy ringmaster, Rhonda) for the warrior humans she seeks. The clowns, in turn, mistake May for a talent agent, and accept her offer to travel with her back to Female Island. During a welcome ceremony upon their arrival, the Circus Clowns and May both discover their mutual misunderstandings. The Circus Clowns attempt to leave, but are attacked by a pelican; while fleeing, they save Finn, Richard's younger brother, gaining the people's respect in the process. At Flik's request, they continue the ruse of being "warriors", so the troupe can continue to enjoy the hospitality of the ants. Hearing that Nefaria fears pelicans inspires May to create a false bird to scare away the bullies. Meanwhile, Nefaria tells her gang how greatly the people outnumber them and worries that they will eventually rebel against them.

The people finish constructing the fake pelican, but during a celebration, Rhonda the Ringmaster arrives, searching for her troupe, and inadvertently reveals their secret. Outraged by May's deception, the people exile her, and desperately attempt to gather food for a new offering to the bullies. However, when Nefaria returns to discover the mediocre offering, she takes over the island, and demands the people's winter food supply, planning to assassinate the King afterwards. Overhearing the plan, Finn persuades May and the Circus Clowns to return to Female Island.

After the Circus Clowns distract the bullies long enough to rescue the King, May deploys the pelican; it initially fools the bullies, but Rhonda the Ringmaster, who also mistakes it for a real pelican, burns it, exposing it as a decoy. Nefaria beats May in retaliation, saying that the people are humble and lowly life forms who live to serve the bullies. However, May responds that Nefaria actually fears the colony, because she has always known what they are capable of, inspiring the people and the Circus Clowns to fight back against the bullies. The people attempt to force Nefaria out of Female Island using Rhonda's circus cannon, but it suddenly begins to rain. In the ensuing chaos, Nefaria frees herself from the cannon, and abducts May. After the Circus Clowns fail to catch them, Richard rescues May. As Nefaria pursues them, May lures her to the nest of the pelican she, Finn, and the Circus Clowns encountered earlier. Thinking that the pelican is another decoy, Nefaria taunts it before discovering in panic that it is real, and is captured and devoured by its chicks.

With their enemies gone, May has improved her inventions along with the quality of life for Female Island, she and Richard become a couple, and they give Nefaria's younger sister Vincenza, and a few people to Rhonda the Ringmaster as new members of her troupe. Richard and Finn respectively become the new king and prince. The people congratulate May as a hero, and bid a fond farewell to the circus troupe, who promise to return in the future.