Version 1

Version 2

This one is called A Hunter Story and it's a spoof of the 2030 remake of A Dinosaur Story. No one change the cast around!

Note to everyone: The idea of casting a real life actress was inspired by the 2030 ADS remake.

  • Amos Slade - Noasaurus
  • Copper - Ceratosaurus (the green one) (both are best friends to the floppy headed saltasaurus and Tod)
  • Tod - Saltasaurus (the floppy headed green one) (both are best friends to the green ceratosaurus and Copper)
  • Chief - Ceratosaurus (the red one) (both broke their leg, but how they broke their leg is different)
  • Waylon and Floyd - Saltsaurus (the purple striped one) (they're sharing the role of the purple saltasaurus, the one with the stripes)
  • Porcupine - Ultrasaurus (the red one, one that died in the flood)
  • Vixey - Ultrasaurus (the green one, one that died after battling the T-Rex)
  • Dixie - Stegosaurus (the one that got mutated, the blue and green one)
  • Big Mama - Stegosaurus (the one that didn't get mutated, the green one)
  • Squeaks - Diplocaulus (both are small)
  • Cash - Dimetrodon
  • Dinky and Boomer - Apatosauruses
  • Talent Scout - French Chef Allosaurus
  • Olivia Farmer - Baby Allosaurus (both are young)
  • Widow Tweed - Paris
  • Mr. Digger - Dilophosaurus
  • Jeanette Nolan - Donna Murphy


Version 1 (called A Fox Story)

Version 2 (called A Hunter Story)

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