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The Golden Lake is a spoof of VeggieTales and Gaither's Pond by Large Plan Entertainment. The pilot finished in 1993 and released in 1995. Later episodes were released on VHS.  The show featuring animals, telling stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity.  


The show was created by Tyler Walters, who wanted to create a series of videos teaching children about stories and lessons from the Bible while making it fun and entertaining. In 1984, Tyler then joined with Mike Naltrocki, who they both did shows in Bible college. Ultimately, the sketches that Mike drew became the basis for The Golden Lake. The name itself came from Tyler Walters, as he felt it was a good title as it was about a lake, where animals tell stories conveying moral lessons. The series started with only either three or five videos per month until 2015. As of 2016, no new episodes of the series were produced, likely due to Lunar Globe being too busy making other projects. 


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Pond Monsters as Closet Monsters
  • Foolish Songs Narrator as Silly Songs Narrator
  • The Star as Sunny 
  • Jilly Bear as Ma Grape
  • Jam Bear as Rosy Grape
  • Jerry Bear as Tom Grape


Season 1 

  1. The Great Dive
  2. Making Decisions  
  3. Whale of a Time 
  4. The Legend of the Golden Egg
  5. King of the Lake
  6. The Swan Story
  7. One Deep-Sea Lie
  8. The Lure Depths
  9. The Mighty Messengers
  10. Camp Lowry
  11. Though The Cornfield
  12. God's Zoo
  13. Something Special
  14. This Little Light
  15. Under Construction
  16. Finn and the Giant Bullfrog
  17. Bullfish Trouble
  18. God Wants Me to Forgive Him!?
  19. Jumbo Jim and the Big Ship  and the Big Ship
  20. Finn's Final Strike

Season 2

  1. Return to the Lake
  2. Very Silly Stories
  3. Jerry and the Big Beaver's Wall
  4. Two Good Friends!
  5. Classics from the Lake
  6. One Silly Little Thing Called Love
  7. Bible Heroes, Bible Fish
  8. Born Lessons from the Bible
  9. A Very Fishy Easter
  10. The Ballad of Bluegill
  11. Thankfulness and Courage
  12. Friendship and Facing Hardship
  13. Obedience and Selfishness 
  14. Double Featured Fun
  15. Heroic Legends
  16. Finn's Favorite Stories!
  17. More of Finn's Favorite Stories!
  18. God Made You Special!
  19. Finn's Vacation
  20. Down at The Golden Lake


  1. Moses: The Road to Freedom
  2. SuperFrog: The Frog Rises