They are three protagonists from the Harry Potter franchise


  • Special abilities: Casting spells and charms


They played Mowgli in The Fiction Book and The Fiction Book (2016)

He is a man-cub

They played Rex in We're Back! A Fictional Character's Story

He is an orange Tyrannosaurus Rex

They played Manny in the Fiction Age Series

He is a mammoth

They played Crane in Kung Fu Demigod, Kung Fu Demigod 2 and Kung Fu Demigod

He is a crane

They played Phoebus in The Tarzan of Notre Dame series

He is the captain of the guards

They played Francis in Charlie and Company

They played The March Hare in Thumbelina in Wonderland

They are a hare

They played Little John in Percy Hood

He is a a bear

They played Diego in Fantasy Age series

He is saber-toothed tiger

They played Genie in Percyladdin

He is a genie

They played Mike in Fiction Characters, Inc., Fiction Characters University and The Golden Trio's New Car

He is Sulley's best friend

They played Sulley in Fantasy Characters, Inc., Fantasy Characters University and Percy's New Car

He is a blue monster

They played Garth in Alpha and Omega (Fantasy style)

He is a wolf

They played Dweeb in We're Back!: A Character's Story (Version 3)

He is a green Parasaurolophus

They played Woog in We're Back!: A Character's Story (Version 2)

He is a blue Triceratops

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