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The Grand Duke of Owls is the main antagonist in "Rock-A-Doodle".

He played as Snake Jafar in Tomladdin the Cat

He is a serpent

He played as Lucifer in Bubblesrella

He is a cat

He played as the Wizard of Oz (Bad) in The Wizard of Oz (Uranimated18 Style)

He is a wizard

He played as Lotso-Huggin Bear in Classic Animal Story 3

He is an evil teddy bear

He played Chunk In Animal Story 3 (Disneystyle8)

He is one of Lotso's minions

He played as Professor Ratigan in The Great Sponge Detective

He is an evil rat

He played as Scar in The Bear King (Stephen Druschke's Style)

He is Simba's uncle

He played as Shere Khan in The Bird Book

He is a tiger

He played Genie Jafar in AiAiladdin and Trampladdin

He is a red genie

He played as The Cave of Wonders in Baileyladdin

He is a cave

He Played Young Ronno in Tod 2

Hes a Deer