The great cat detective (399Movies style)
399Movies of Walt Disney Classic 1986 of the great Mouse Detective it will Appears on youtube in the Near Future


  • Basil of Baker Street - Tom (Tom and Jerry)
  • Dr. Dawson - Jerry (Tom and Jerry)
  • Olivia Flaversham - Marie (The Aristocats)
  • Hiram Flaversham - Thomas O'Malley (The Aristocats)
  • Toby - Himself
  • Mrs. Judson - ??? 
  • Professor Ratigan - Fat Cat (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Fidget - Mepps (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Bartholomew - Rat Capone
  • Ratigan's Henchmen - Fat Cat's Gang (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Felicia - Griffin
  • Basil as a Criminal - Cat R Waul



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