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  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Stop the presses!
  • Narrator: TheCartoonMan6107 presents...
  • Lucky (singing): There'll be spectacle, There'll be fantasy.
  • Narrator: It's the movie was something for everybody.
  • Lucky: Aah!
  • Narrator: Adventure...
  • Lucky: We're just gonna have to go down there and catch those thieves red-handed. What colour are their hands now?
  • Narrator: Romance...
  • Clayton: He's a dog, isn't he?
  • Cookie: Yes.
  • Narrator: Danger... and champagne.
  • Lucas: If you put enough sugar in this stuff it tastes just like ginger ale.
  • Narrator: Join those magnificent muppets, In a who done, that does it all.
  • Cookie: You wanted excitement.
  • Narrator: TheCartoonMan6107' The Great Creature Caper.