(Brock hears the sound of a doll repeatedly saying, "Mama!", and he pushes aside a small boat and drum to find Ash tangled to the doll's pull string, furiously trying to untie himself.)

  • Brock/Dawson: Ash! Annie! Annie... she's...
  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: She is gone, Brock! Confound it! I told you to watch over the girl!

(He manages to untie the string and falls to the ground, regaining his wind quickly, as well as his bad temper.)

  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: Now she's been spirited away by that maniacal little monster. Soon to be in the clutches of the most depraved mind in all of Viridian City! I should have known better than to...

(Ash stops mid-rant and sees Brock simply standing there, his back turned, and his head hung sadly.)

  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: Than to...Um, eh Brock? Brock?

(Ash looks concerned at the damage he has done.)

  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: I say, Brock, big buddy?

(Brock sniffles and wipes his face with his handkerchief.)

  • Brock/Dawson: Oh, ah, poor girl. I should have watched her more closely.
  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: (apologetically) Don't worry, old fellow. It's not... entirely hopeless.

(Brock says nothing, but looks towards Ash when the younger man puts his hand on his shoulder.)

  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: We'll get her back.
  • Brock/Dawson: Do-do you think there's a chance?

(Ash lights his pipe.)

  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: There's always a chance, long as one can think.

(Ash begins to pace around the room, and Brock sighs, putting his hands in his pockets. A puzzled expression crosses his face as he pulls out the list, reading from it.)

  • Brock/Dawson: "Get the following: tools, gears..."
  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: What?
  • Brock/Dawson: "Girl, unif-"

(Ash sees the list, overjoyed at this key piece of evidence.)

  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: Brock, you've done it! This list is precisely what we need.
  • Brock/Dawson: What?

(Ash puts on his baseball cap as he rushes to the window.)

  • Ash Ketchum/Basil: Quickly, back to Pallet Town!

(The movie spoof cuts back to Giovanni's lair, where Oak is working on the robot. He tenses as Giovanni enters the workroom.)

  • Giovanni/Ratigan: Ah, Professor Oak. (he chuckles wickedly)

(Oak eyes Giovanni warily as he holds his cape dramatically.)

  • Giovanni/Ratigan: Allow me to present...

(Giovanni moves his cape to reveal Annie in Meowth's grasp, no longer bound and gagged.)

  • Giovanni/Ratigan: ...your charming granddaughter!
  • Professor Oak/Flaversham: Annie!
  • Annie/Olivia: Grandpa!

(Meowth keeps a tight hold on Annie as she rushes towards Oak. Annie stomps on his foot and runs to her grandfather as Meowth hops up and down in pain.)

  • Meowth/Fidget: Owww! My paw! One of my hind paws!

(Annie hugs her lost grandfather and cries.)

  • Annie/Olivia: Oh, grandpa! (sniffling) I thought I'd never find you! (A tear runs down her cheek.)
  • Oak/Flaversham: Oh, there, there, there, there, my bairn. I'm all right. Oh, I was so worried about my little grandchild.
  • Giovanni/Ratigan: (feigns crying) Oh, how sweet. (He pretends to wipe at his eyes with his handkerchief.) Oh, I just love tearful reunions.

(The Pokémon thief then grabs the young girl back.)

  • Giovanni/Ratigan: Now, come along, my dear.
  • Annie/Olivia: (whining) Oh, please! Please!

(She reaches out towards Oak as Meowth takes her away.)

  • Oak/Flaversham: (from o.c.) Annie!
  • Annie/Olivia: Grandpa!

(Oak is being restrained by Giovanni and tries to plead with the notorious man.)

  • Oak/Flaversham: Oh please, my lord!
  • Giovanni/Ratigan: Now, now, Meowth will take good care of her. (threateningly) That is, as long as we have no further delays!

(Oak fearfully returns to work on the robot.)

  • Oak/Flaversham: Yes, yes, I-I'll finish it. Oh, just don't hurt my granddaughter.
  • Giovanni/Ratigan: Remember? It must be ready...tonight!

(He slams the door.)

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