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The Great Prince of the Forest is the father of Bambi and the widower of his late unnamed wife from Bambi.


-White-Tailed Deer

He played Guru Pathik in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

He is a guru

He played as Rajah in Dannyladdin Dannyladdin 2: The Return of Shere Khan and Dannyladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is Princess Jasmine's pet tiger

He played Khan in Sawyerlan

He is a black horse

He played Nigel Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys Movie (Elsie1234 Style)

He is a father

He played Cassim in Bambiladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is the king of thieves

He played Monk Gyatso in Avatar The Last Airbender Animal Style

He is an Airbending Master

He played The Emperor in Brisbylan

He played Pegasus in Dodgercules and Simbacules

He is a Flying Horse

He played Red in The Rescuers Down Under (Uranimated18 Version)

He is a kangaroo

He played Chip in Wild Animalz (Antz)

He is a wasp

He played Surge in Animal Story 1 (Disneystyle8), Animal Story 2 (Disneystyle8) and Animal Story 3 (Disneystyle8)

He played Bagheera in The Jungle Book (CarltonHeroes)

He is a panther.

He played Fawn in Rango Gnomes

He is a deer.