The Hubsters: Hit n Run is The Simpsons Hit n Run Spoof

Discord as Homer Simpson

The Boss (2nd form) as Marge Simpson

Sunset Shimmer as Bart Simpson

Trixie as Lisa Simpson

Yellow Kirby as Maggie Simpson

Sandy Cheeks as Apu

Bowser as Mr. Burns

Diamond Tiara as Smithers

Flash Sentry as Ned Flanders

Yoshi and Birdo as Todd and Rod

Officer Jenny as Cheif Wiggum

Scootaloo as Ralph Wiggum

Daffy Duck as Nelson

Rintoo as Milhouse

The Boss (2nd form) as Selma and Patty (In Discord, Sunset Shimmer, and  Trixie's levels)

Squidward as Comic Book Guy

Dan as Cletus

Plankton as Snake Jailbird

Old Man Jenkins as Grandpa "Abe" Simpson

Dexter (Dexter's Lab) as Prof. Frink

SpongeBob SquarePants as Krusty the Clown

Martian Manhunter as Kang

Miss Martian as Kodos

Timmy Turner as Carl

Mrs. Puff as Principal Skinner

Betsy Krabs as Skinner's Mom

Yoshimitsu as Dr. Hibbert

Patrick Star as Dr. Nick

Changelings as Zombie

Tauros (30x) as Workers

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