The HunchPerfetuo of Notre Dame is a The Hunchback of Notre Dame spoof

  • Shannon Perfetuo as Quasimado
  • CJ Porritt (Lil Peepz) as Phoebus
  • Yoshimitsu (Soul Calibur 5) as Esmeralda
  • The Powerpuff Girls as Gargoyle Trio
  • Katz (Courage the Cowardly Dog) as Frollo
  • Ghostly Trio  (Casper) as Frollo's henchmen
  • Velma, Daphne, Sunset Shimmer, Sandy Cheeks, Squilliam, Rintoo, G3 Ponies and Timmy Turner as Other people
  • Werewolf (Scooby Doo) as Gargoyle Statue
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