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The Huntsman, upon finding out that he has to kill Snow White.

The Huntsman, named Humbert in some publicity materials, is a servant of the Queen and a minor character (only for a very short time) in Disney's 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

He appears as himself in the Clash of the Links film series.

While he was the same character as he was before, this time round, he has a bigger part, and is voiced by Sean Bean, but still has the same personality as before.

He played Policeman in Faline and the Bambi (Timothy Q. Mouse Style)

He is a zoo policeman

He played Moses Puloki in Mulan and Nugget (Lilo and Stitch)

He played Zeus in Fantasia (PierrickCanalFamille Style)

He played Monsieur D'Arque in Beauty and the Whale

He played Stromboli in Arnoldnocchio

He is a puppet master

He played the Sheriff of Nottingham in Tarzan Hood

He is a wolf

He played Max in Gods Don't Dance

He is a butler

He played King Neptune in The KaaBob SnakePants Movie

He is a sea king

He played Banzai in The Master King

He is a hyena

He played Kaa in The Hero Book

He is a snake

He played Bartholomew in The Great Candelabra Detective

Humbert is an alcoholic. He is constantly seen drinking from a beer mug and becomes disappointed whenever he runs out. During Clayton's song, when Clayton dumps a bottle of champagne into his water fountain, Humbert gets very excited and immediately runs over to the fountain, where he starts drinking from it. Then Clayton kicks him and Humbert falls and starts swimming around in it. When Clayton talks about his history with Lumiere, Humbert starts crying about the part that Clayton never had a moment's peace in mind.

Later, when they are finishing up a verse of the song, he drunkenly says, "To Clayton, the world's greatest rat!", which makes Clayton very mad (as he despises being called a rat). He throws him outside the hideout and summons Ursula with a bell. However, Humbert is too drunk to notice her, and she easily catches and eats him. Humbert starts drunkenly singing the praises to Clayton, and is swallowed whole just as he is about to call his vengeful boss a rat again. After a short period of mourning from the other henchmen,Clayton suggests that they finish the song before he has Ursula eat the rest of them, which they do out of fright.


Voice Actors:

  1. Stuart Buchanan - English
  2. Shimon Cohen - Hebrew