The Jokester

The Jokester is the main antagonist in The Chipmunks Go to the Movies episode Batmunk. He is portrayed by Alvin Seville.

Voice Actors:

  1. Ross Bagdasarian Jr. - English

He played Archie in Pokemon Advanced Generation (400Movies Style)

He played Snowman in Kit the Cowardly Bear Cub

He Played Professor Padraic In The Great Mouse Detective (170Movie Style)

He Played Mojo Jojo In

He Played Kojiro In Pokemon (1953Movies Style)

He Played Sa'Lu In Alvinladdin

He Played Razou In Simon (Aladdin)

He Played one of Sa'luk's Thiev In Theodoreladdin

He Played The Joker In Batmunk The Animated Series

Original Person:



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