The Jungle Book (`1701Movie Style)
1701Movies of Disney 1967 spoof of Walt Disney's classic The Jungle Book (1967), in honor of the 2016 version. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


  • Mowgli - Max (Pokemon)
  • Bagheera - Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)
  • Baloo - Max Taylor (Dinosaur King)
  • Kaa - Persian (Pokemon)
  • Shere Khan - Giovanni (Pokemon)
  • King Louie - Pikachu (Pokemon)
  • Flunkey Monkey - Piplup (Pokemon)
  • Monkeys - Ash's Pokemon (Pokemon)
  • Baloo as Lady Monkey - Reese Drake (Dinosaur King)
  • Colonel Hathi - Alvin Seville (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
  • Winifred - Brittany Miller (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
  • Hathi Jr. - Dale (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • The Elephants - Chip (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers), Simon Seville, Theodore Seville (Alvin and the Chipmunks), Skippy Squirrel (Animaniacs), Conker (Conker's Bad Fur Day), Hammy (Over the Hedge), Wart as Squirrel (The Sword in the Stone), Fievel Mousekewitz, (An American Tail), Bernard (The Rescuers) Basil, and Dawson (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • The Vultures- Iago (Aladdin), Zazu (The Lion King), Wilbur (The Rescuers Down Under), and Robin the Bird (Krypto the Superdog)
  • Shanti - Bonnie (Pokemon)
  • The Wolf Councils - Themselves
  • Rama - Himself
  • Raksha - Herself
  • Akela - Himself
  • Wolf Cubs - Themselves
  • Baby Mowgli - Himself



  • Bagheera:Kaa Hold it Kaa
  • Oooh My Sinus You Made Just a Serious Mistake My Friend A Very Stupid
  • No No Kaa i Was
  • A Mistake
  • Giova:What Beastly Luck Confound that Ridculous  Alvin Seville Death
  • Ketchu:The Dawn Patrol Stop Wait a Minute HALT!?!
  • Seville:Who Said Halt I Give the Commands Around Here Now Speak Up Who Was it
  • Ash:Oh it was Me Alvin.
  • This has gone far enough. Far enough. Now Just a Minute you Pompous old Windbag.
  • Seville:Brit what are you doing out of ranks
  • : Never Mind How Would you Like to have our Boy lost and Alone in the Jungle


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