Disneystyle172's movie spoof of Disney's The Jungle Book (2016)


  • Dumbo as Mowgli
  • Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio) as Bagheera as Bagheera
  • Adult Simba (The Lion King) as Baloo
  • Trusty (Lady and the Tramp) as Akela
  • Lady (Lady and the Tramp) as Raksha
  • Scamp (Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure) as Grey Brother
  • Various Humans as The Herd of Elephants
  • Young Bambi (Bambi 2) as Ikki the Porcupine
  •  ??? as Pygmy Hog
  •  ??? as Giant Squirrel
  • Reirei (The Lion Guard) as Kaa
  • Scar (The Lion King) as Shere Khan
  • Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls) as King Louie
  •  ??? as The Bandar-Log Monkeys
  •  ??? as Mowgli's Father
  • Various Animals as All the Animals


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