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Stan Marsh as Mowgli (both 10 years old and very comfredent)

Lightning McQueen as Bagheera (both smart, wise, kind and sometimes grumpy and full of themselves)

Thomas the Tank Engine as Baloo (both easy going and cool)

Megatron (LA) as Shere Khan (both main villains)

Ekans as Kaa (Both snakes)

King Koopa as King Louie (both neutral)

Elita-1 as Raksha (both kind)

Bumblebee (LA) as Grey Brother (both young and polite)

Charlie Watson as Herself as an extra (Grey Brother)

Optimus Prime (LA) as Himself (Raksha’s Husband and Grey Brother’s Father)

Ratchet (LA) as Akela (both wise and smart)

Patrick Starr as Ikki the Porcupine

Scrooge McDuck as The Peacock

Pikachu as Rocky the Rhino

Garfield as Pygmy Hog

Yoshi as Giant Squirrel

Simba as Pangolin

Randy Marsh as Mowgli’s Father

Tommy Pickles as Baby Mowgli

Manny as Colonel Hathi

Ice Age Mammoth Herd as The Elephants


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