The Kids World Gang

Blake Foster and The Kids are kids ruled the world! 12-year-old Blake Foster is about to find out. Blake Foster, Anton Tennet, Michael Purvis and the gang are tired of being told what to do; they have to do their homework, eat their vegetables, wear a coat when they go outside, wear a helmet when they ride their skateboards, and aren't allowed to come and go as they please like their older brothers and sisters. One day, Blake Foster and his pals find an ancient Native American burial ground, where they discover a magical wishing glass. Using the glass, Blake Foster wishes that all the grow-ups and teenagers in the world would simply disappear -- and suddenly, his wish comes true! It's party time for Blake Foster and all his friends, until they discover there's a fly in the ointment -- the moment anyone turns 13, they suddenly vanish! Kids World also stars Christopher Lloyd as Ryan's Uncle Leo.


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