The Last Cat (Broadwaygirl918 Style) is an upcoming parody of The Last Unicorn created by Broadwaygirl918.


Victoria as the Unicorn
Jesus Christ as Schmendrick the Magician
Gilmer as Molly Grue
Christine Daaé as Lady Amalthea
Raoul de Changy as Prince Lir
Pharisee Monster as King Haggard
Dr. Frank N. Furter as Mommy Fortuna
Riff Raff as Ruhk
Iggy Wiggy as Calaeno the Harpy
Thingy Thing as the Butterfly
Macavity as the Red Bull
John the Baptist as Captain Gully
Jeffrey as Jack Jingly
Merrell as Mabruk
Growltiger as the Pirate Cat
Jack Skellington as the Skull
Audrey II as the Tree
Erik Destler and J.D. as Two Hunters




The Last Cat Cast Video

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