Batman/Bruce Wayne as Flik

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl as Princess Atta

Commissioner James Gordon as The Queen

Alfred Pennyworth as Cornelius

The Joker as Hopper

Harley Quinn as Dot

Superman as Francis

Robin/Dick Grayson as Heimlich

Poison Ivy as Rosie

Green Lantern as Slim

Clayface as Dim

Riddler and Scarecrow as Tuck and Roll

Flash as Manny

Catwomen as Gyspy

The Penguin as P.T Flea

Killer Croc as Molt

Dracula and Kraken as The Flies

Phantom Zone Criminals as Hopper's Grasshoppers

Lord Voldemort as Thumper

Sauron and Agent Smith as Axel and Loco

King Kong as Bird

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