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(Outside Makunga's lair, Audrey and Lotta are sadly sitting in a big lump together, feeling sorry for themselves.)

  • Audrey: (depressed) We're guppies, girl. Jellyfish.
  • Lotta: (depressed) The Great Audrey and Lotta: Cowards Slash Losers.
  • Audrey: Well, at least we're alive.
  • Lotta: Yeah, if you can call this living.

(Audrey suddenly realizes something.)

  • Audrey: Okay. On the one hand, we can live a long, healthy life albeit as disgusting, pathetic, cowardly...
  • Lotta: Worms.
  • Audrey: That's good. Cowardly worms. On the other hand, we could gather our courage, if we had any, and storm the fortress and be heroines.
  • Lotta: Yeah, until they hack us up into fish bait.
  • Audrey: You're right.

(Suddenly, there is a loud booming sound. Audrey and Lotta see a green ominous looking light coming from inside Makunga's lair.)

  • Lotta (gasps): Tod's in there. He could be in big trouble. He may really need our help!
  • Audrey: So what's it gonna be? A lifetime as worms, or two minutes as heroines?

(There is another loud booming sound as Audrey huddles up to Lotta in fright.)