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Circle Loves You Very Much is a DVD released in 2011.


Jimmy and Alvin are at the countertop, with Alvin saying "The Lord made you special", leaving Jimmy confused as that's what they say at the end of the show. Alvin tells him that since the show is called "The Lord Loves You Very Much", they should say it. Jimmy sees Alvin painting, and figures they're remaking "Painting in the Rain", so he put on a raincoat and umbrella. Alvin then asks why he dressed up, with Jimmy replying they're doing the big musical number. The cone tells him that they're not doing that, with Jimmy wondering where the script he found came from. Turns out it was the British Semi-Circles' script and they're trying to figure out what they should do for the next show. Alvin explains that since they're doing a a show about The Lord's love, classic stories will play while he paints. Jimmy wonders what he's suppose to do, with the British Semi-Circles replying that they need him to practice for their next show.

While Alvin paints, Charlie, Carla, Ellie, and Moe asks about if The Lord loves them, with Alvin painting that he does.

At the closing forest, Jimmy compliments Alvin's painting and suggests yellow is a better color for happiness. They recapped what they learned from the stories, but Alvin asks Jimmy what the next show is about. Juan Cogsworth and Herman pitch other ideas to Jimmy of what video should be next after their failed attempt at "Painting in the Rain" and its re-write "Painting on a Train". Their next idea is "Planet of the Squares", with Jimmy seeing this as a bad idea. They end the show, and Jimmy suggest to the Semi-Circles that he liked the first idea better, with Juan Cogsworth saying he doesn't know genius.

The shows ends with Screen Tests.