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The Lord Made You Special is a DVD released in 2007 featuring a compilation of previously released material, with some new scenes as well.


Jimmy and Alvin decide to do a whole episode showing what they mean when they close each episode with the phrase "The Lord Made You Special". Alvin surprises Jimmy with balloons and party music as the rest of the shapes arrive, much to Jimmy's dismay. Charlie comes in to share one of his favorite stories they've told, and the first segment starts.

Segment 1: "Davey and the Jumbo Triangle"

Alvin tells Jimmy that they have a group of Shape kids to interview, and they express their opinion on the previous story.

Song 1: "Belly Button" (from The Ballad of Joey)

Alvin then introduces the next segment about Jimmy's Vacation from the previous year.

Segment 2: "Jimmy's Vacation" (exclusive to this video)

While asking Jimmy and Alvin for food, Bob and Melvin recall their first episode of ShapeTales.

Segment 3: "The Cylinders Must Be Crazy!" (from Are You My Partner?)

After this segment, we once again hear the opinions from the Shape Kids at the playground.

Song 2: "The Laughing Veterinarian of the Alps" (from The End of Goofiness?)

Jimmy finally gets a chance to tell his story, and the final segment of the show begins.

Segment 4: "A Voodle's Tale"

Jimmy and Alvin say goodbye from the countertop, the kids talk about how The Lord made them special, and Charlie closes the video with the final song.

Song 3: "My Day" (from The Wonderful World Of Enter-tunement!)