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The Monster Clubhouse is an American animated television series. The series was animated by Bardel Entertainment using both Toon Boom and Adobe Flash software, and produced by Bolder Media and Starz Media and based on the 2001 animated film The Monster Clubhouse. It ran from September 12, 2002 to November 6, 2003. Voice actors Tress MacNeille, Tim Allen, Alyson Stoner, Cree Summer, Mae Whitman, Michelle Horn, Shanelle Workman Gray, Tara Strong, Tracey Moore, Mila Kunis, Tabitha St Germain and Samantha Mathis reprised their film roles as the characters.



  • Miya Mummy (voiced in episodes by Tress MacNeille and Michele Knotz): The teacher of the girls.
  • Dr. Buzzbill (voiced in early episodes by Tim Allen, then by Patrick Fraley and Patrick Warburton): The scientific genius.
  • Vladka (voiced by Cree Summer): The vampire daughter. Summer reprises her role from The Monster Clubhouse.
  • Wilhemina (voiced by Michelle Horn): A young werewolf. Horn reprises her role from The Monster Clubhouse.
  • Francine (voiced by Mae Whitman): The energetic Frankenstein-girl. Whitman reprises her role from The Monster Clubhouse.
  • Gustel (voiced by Samantha Mathis): A kaiju girl. Mathis reprises her role from The Monster Clubhouse.
  • Helga (voiced by Tara Strong): A gremlin. Strong reprises her role from The Monster Clubhouse.
  • Lindsey (voiced in early episodes by Shanelle Workman Gray, then by Debi Derryberry): A young witch.
  • Carla (voiced by Tracey Moore): A one eyed monster. Moore reprises her role from The Monster Clubhouse.
  • Bonnie (voiced by Mila Kunis): A blob monster. Kunis reprises her role from The Monster Clubhouse.
  • Tessa (voiced by Alyson Stoner): A young ghost. Stoner reprises her role from The Monster Clubhouse.
  • Gwen (voiced by Tabitha St Germain): A fish monster. Germain reprises her role from The Monster Clubhouse.


  • Tricia (voiced by Jen Tolley): A young medusa.
  • Cosmette (voiced by Hayden Panettiere): An alien girl.
  • Gertie (voiced by Tara Strong): A gargoyle girl.


  • Gary and Zeke (voiced by Rob Paulsen and Jeff Bennett respectively): Two gargoyles who are constantly hoping for one of the girls to capture so they can catch them. However, they are never seen as a threat.
  • Tranquila (voiced by Eartha Kitt): A ruthless arachnid living in Thorny Cave in Thorny Woods. She and her dim-witted minions have often antagonized the girls they enter into Thorny Woods. A particular example is when she and her minions from a long journey.
    • Nick (voiced by Dan Castellaneta): One of Tranquila's minions.
    • Jared (voiced by Marshall R Teague): One of Tranquila's minions.
    • Frank (voiced by Nolan North): One of Tranquila's minions.


Season 1 (2002):

  1. The Spooktacular Fun (September 12, 2002)
  2. New Friendly Girls in Clubhouse (September 19, 2002)
  3. P (September 26, 2002)
  4. P (October 3, 2002)
  5. P (October 10, 2002)
  6. P (October 17, 2002)
  7. P (October 24, 2002)
  8. P (October 31, 2002)
  9. P (November 7, 2002)
  10. P (November 14, 2002)
  11. P (November 21, 2002)
  12. P (November 28, 2002)
  13. P (December 5, 2002)

Season 2 (2003):

  1. P (September 18, 2003)
  2. P (September 25, 2003)
  3. P (September 28, 2003)
  4. P (October 2, 2003)
  5. P (October 9, 2003)
  6. P (October 11, 2003)
  7. P (October 16, 2003)
  8. P (October 21, 2003)
  9. P (October 23, 2003)
  10. P (October 26, 2003)
  11. P (October 30, 2003)
  12. P (November 2, 2003)
  13. P (November 6, 2003)


  • It features the designed that Miya, Dr. Buzzbill, Vladka, Wilhemina, Francine, Gustel, Helga, Lindsey, Carla, Bonnie, Tessa and Gwen were given in "Five Little Monsters Jumping On The Bed" and "10 Monsters In The Bed" from Super Simple Songs.