"The Mother Gothel Stomp" is a song from the Anna 'n Elsa Rescue Rangers episode, Adventures in Lost Boysitting.


Elsa: Hey all you witches, don't sit and stare
Swing your butts, get out of those chairs

Anna: Put down your milk, turn up the juice.

Both: The hair's gonna fly when we cut out loose!

So baby stop chompin'
Let's start stompin'
With Tall Strong Mommy G
It's strong as jalapeno
In Gothel's Casino
That's the place to be
Do the Mother Gothel Stomp with Tall Strong Mommy G

Elsa: Oh here's one lady I'd like to see
Cheek to cheek, dancin' with me

Anna: Come on Mother Gothel, it's your turn

Mother Gothel: The dance floor's hot and I've got some lives to burn!

(Repeat chorus twice)

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