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You see, since a lot of the cartoons I like aren't on TV anymore, I watch them on a website called Cartoon World. It featured a lot of cartoon shows, including my favorite ones. Every episode of the cartoon shows were featured. It seemed to me a lot better than other online cartoon show websites. One day, while I was looking through episodes of The Mr. Men Show Season 2, I found this one:


I couldn't believe it. I thought "Pests" was the last episode of The Mr. Men Show, but apparently not. I don't even remember hearing about this episode, I really wanted to watch it. When I clicked on it, it sent me to If you don't know, it's a website that includes videos from the dark web. It showed the message that usually appears when you are about to watch a really disturbing video:

"Warning - thread The Mr. Men Show Season 2 Episode 28 Blood Part 2 might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over."

I was confused. Why would an episode of a kid-friendly cartoon be here? Also, why would they add the mature content warning? Curiosity killed the cat when I clicked "CONTINUE" and it sent me to the video. The description didn't mention anything about the episode. Instead, it said this:

"This was also originally going to be the final episode of The Mr. Men Show. The creators had secret plans to make it as another introduction to an adult party cartoon version of The Mr. Men Show, like Ren and Stimpy's fate was, but it was scrapped due to negative responses from test viewers. In other words, the original episode was too dark and disturbing to appear on Cartoon Network. If you're a fan of The Mr. Men Show, then you may be very disturbed if you watch this episode. Viewer discretion is advised."

Also, the video was different. Instead of having a screenshot of the episode with a play button in the middle, it was completely black with a red line of text in Comic Sans font saying "Click Me". I wanted to know why the episode was banned, so I clicked play on the video and began to watch.

The beginning was fine, with the characters' faces flashing on the screen like a dancefloor. However, nobody appeared in the rest of the intro, not even Mr. Tickle when he stretched his arms out. When the logo appeared, it was colored pastel red instead of orange and blue. The website wasn't joking around, something was definitely wrong with this episode. The title card was black with a drawing of a heart (not the shape, the ORGAN!) and fog around it, with the word "BLOOD" in the middle, and the words "PART 2" was written in marker next to it. There was no music, unlike the first part.

"Blood is- ok, ok, we get it." the narrator explained as the scene began with a beating heart, which zoomed out to show a body with veins all around it. "I'm getting tired of the same thing I said. Moving on." The narrator sounded a bit more serious than normal after he said Blood is. The scene began with Mr. Grumpy sitting on a bed.  However, unlike the first part, he's not crying. He just said "I'm very tired of the same thing happening. I just want to be free. I can't let them die anymore." Then it suddenly cut to black for 30 seconds. After that, it showed Mr. Grumpy writing on a sheet of paper. He was speaking quietly as he wrote: "Dear all Mr. Men and Little Misses,

I'm writing a sheet of paper again. How weird, but I'm just gonna write it differently this time.

I have killed you way too many times during all those "BLOOD" replays. And I'm thinking that I am losing my sanity from it. This is ruining my good mood, and I want to leave this instant. You know what I'll do now?

When I kill you all once more, I won't be happy. Instead, I will be very miserable, and try to reverse all of the deaths. And maybe I'll cause all of the deaths I reversed to myself, which will end my life quickly.

You know I'm a stupid piece of crap, right? You know, soon, I'll be a medic. I'll try to fix everything. I'll try to save you all. And if that doesn't work, I will soon die forever.

I'm very sorry. I hope that everything will be back to normal soon.

Signed, Mr. Grumpy."

I was confused at this point. What did he mean by "be a medic?" The next scene showed the scene after the scene showing all of the Mr. Men and Little Misses horribly mutilated from part 1. It showed Mr. Grumpy completely drenched in blood, but unlike the first part, he wasn't happy at all. In fact, he looked downright miserable. "That's it. I had enough of killing them. Time to save them," he said. And the scene suddenly turned into pure static. Then a test card pattern appeared while a sine wave was the only thing that could be heard. The color bars lasted for 30 seconds. The next scene that showed wasn't as horrible as the first part. If you've been in a slaughterhouse before, you've seen nothing. It showed all of the Mr. Men and Little Misses saved from the horrible mutilation:

  • Mr. Happy wasn't that horrible. His mouth and his eye socket were covered with bandages, along with his limbs, which were fixed and untwisted from unnatural angles, and his chest, with his heart and arteries put back in place.
  • Little Miss Sunshine was saved in a similar way, but both of her eyes were put back in place and covered with bandages, her barrettes were still cut off, and her legs were fixed and covered with bandages as well.
  • Little Miss Whoops' left arm and right leg were put back in place and covered with bandages, her glasses were fixed, the huge hole where her eye used to be was covered with bandages, her right arm was untied from a chain on the ceiling, and her nose was covered with bandages as well. The words "MR. GRUMPY WAS HERE" that were carved into the wall next to her disappeared.
  • Mr. Bump's bones were fixed and his bandages were fixed and put back in place. His skull was fixed and his eye that was pulled out of him was fixed, put back in place and covered with bandages. He didn't look like a pile of mashed-up gore.....he WAS no longer a pile of mashed-up gore!
  • Mr. Tickle had a bandage covering his back's wound. His arms' knots were untied and the upside down pentagram with the word "WHERE'S THAT TICKLE NOW?" around it carved into his head was covered with a bandage.
  • Mr. Scatterbrain's head was fixed and his brains were put back in place. His head was covered with bandages as well.
  • A toothless Mr. Stubborn was next to a campfire, where he was brought back to life and no longer frozen. His teeth were still buried into some kind of rotten carved stump. The bandages around his neck cover the visible lacerations seen in the first part. His eyes were covered with bandages as well.
  • Mr. Fussy had bandages on his stabbed eye and Mr. Messy was saved from the fire with his left arm back in place.
  • Little Miss Chatterbox had the stab wound covered with a bandage. Her skin was hot pink again, her legs were put back in place, and her eyes were covered with bandages. Her stomach had bandages covering it.
  • Mr. Quiet's stomach was fixed with bandages around it and his guts were put back in place.
  • Mr. Noisy had a chainsaw out of his bandaged mouth.
  • Mr. Bounce's head was put back in place using bandages.
  • Little Miss Daredevil's stomach was fixed and her intestines were put back in place. There were bandages around her stomach.
  • Mr. Strong's muscles were put back in place, and there were bandages all around him. How did Mr. Grumpy manage to save his life anyway?
  • Little Miss Helpful's life was just saved. Besides the blood being cleaned off her, Mr. Grumpy couldn't find any wounds on her body.
  • Mr. Lazy's neck was covered with bandages. The noose was untied, and the deep slits in his face were also covered with bandages.
  • Mr. Nosey was unnailed from an inverted cross and his face was put back on. His intestines were put back into his bandage-covered stomach.
  • Mr. Small was saved and taken from the boiling pot of blood and bits of organs.
  • Mr. Grumpy tried to save Mr. Rude's life, but he can't find a way. He felt too depressed to keep looking, and gave up.
  • Little Miss Naughty and Little Miss Scary's eyes were covered with bandages along with the deep scratches on their faces.
  • The season 2 characters had all of their lives saved, with Little Miss Bossy's intestines put back in place and having her be put back from a rack on the wall, Mr. Tall being fixed, Little Miss Magic being saved from the fire with her skin saved, and Mr. Funny, Little Miss Curious, and Little Miss Giggles saved from the flies with Little Miss Curious' organs back in her body.
  • Mr. Nervous' eyes, cuts in his body, and his arms and legs were covered with bandages and his arms and legs were put back in place.
  • Little Miss Calamity wasn't as bloody or horribly mangled as the others were on the first part. The word "B word" carved into her stomach was covered with bandages. That's what saved her life.

After a few seconds, it showed a depressed Mr. Grumpy. He attempted to stab himself, but was stopped by Mr. Tickle, who wanted Mr. Grumpy to stay with him. "No, Mr. Grumpy!" cried Mr. Tickle, "You can't do this! There are many things you can try, like exploring undiscovered areas, looking at how much our popularity has gotten throughout the years, watch new shows, other things! Don't kill yourself!" Mr. Grumpy ran away a few seconds after Mr. Tickle said that. Mr. Tickle still seems worried about what is happening to Mr. Grumpy. "We need to find him," Mr. Tickle announced, "If you want to look for Mr. Grumpy, let's go!" Everyone agreed, but Mr. Scatterbrain has wondered into Mr. Grumpy's house.

The next scene showed everyone (except Mr. Scatterbrain) looking behind the bush, but Mr. Grumpy wasn't here. Mr. Scatterbrain came in rushing to them yelling "I FOUND MR. GRUMPY IN HIS ROOM!!" The scene cut to black, but footsteps were heard. As soon as I heard the door creak, The Mr. Men and Little Misses saw Mr. Grumpy hanging from a noose. "He... he hanged... he hanged himself?" Mr. Tickle stuttered. Everyone who saw Mr. Grumpy's death started crying, but Mr. Noisy and Little Miss Chatterbox couldn't utter a sound. Heck, Mr. Stubborn stabbed himself and died, while Mr. Scatterbrain said "I can't believe it! I saw a suicide right in front of my eyes!" The final scene was Mr. Grumpy's ghost in hell. "What did I just do to get me in this situation?" He said confusedly. Then the scene faded to black. The credits had an eerie tune and the background had the same fog from the title screen. When the credits stopped, it faded to black with a white text which said "Mr. Grumpy is dead, the show is over, thank you for watching the true final episode of the Mr. Men Show, goodbye!". An echoing high tune rang for about 12 seconds. After that, the episode was finally over.

I didn't go back to watching The Mr. Men Show episodes on Cartoon World after that. That doesn't mean I'm done with them for long. I could still imagine Little Miss Calamity staring at me with her cold, angry, bloodshot eyes as I watched my other favorite cartoons. I didn't want her cutting me, tearing me to shreds, whatever she could do to end my life. I just hope that one day I would find more info about this episode. However, here's the real question:

How did they get away with making such another abysmal episode?