The Musical Instrument King is an animated movie-style Taratabong parody of the 1997 Broadway musical adaption of The Lion King. It takes place in Taratabong (location), and follows the adventures of the Taratabong musical instruments as the Lion King characters.


Baby Simba – Snaree (as a blue pellet drum)

Young Simba – Snaree (as a blue mini-tymp snare drum)

Adult Simba – Snaree (as a blue snare drum)

Young Nala – Trumpee (as a toy trumpet)

Adult Nala – Trumpee (as a trumpet)

Mufasa – Bone (as a trombone with a mustache)

Mufasa Ghost – Grandpa Tuba

Sarabi – Drumba (a pink bass drum with a suspended cymbal on top)

Timon – Pino (a light-blue upbright toy piano)

Pumbaa – Grando (a red grand piano)

Zazu – Maestro Nomo (a green metronome)

Rafiki – Robo (a grey robot with synthesizer skills)

Scar – Trebass (a purple double bass)

Shenzi – Cello (a magenta cello)

Banzai – Viola (a copper viola)

Ed – Iolin (an orange violin), but noted with an “Ed” look

Sarafina – A purple field drum

Gopher – Fluto (a neon-yellow flute)

Mouse – Triangle

Chameleon – Tiny bandoneon

Beetle – Jaws harp

Chaka/Kiara – An orange pellet drum

Wild Animals and Plants Various Musical Instruments

Hyenas – Guitars (Including Tarrita, a blue guitar) and Ukeleles

Birds – The Xylo Brothers and various xylophone/vibraphone bars (the Xylos appear during most songs)

Lionesses – Various Brass Instruments

Wildebeest Stampede – Marimbas (including Mary and Bimba, two of them)

Vultures – Cymbals (including Plate and Saucer, two of them) and Zills

Antelopes – The Timpani Twins


Bone: Snaree! ...Snaree, I'm very disappointed in you.

Snaree: I know.

Bone: You could have been broken. You deliberately disobeyed me. And what's worse, you

put Trumpee in danger!

Snaree: I was just trying to be brave like you.

Bone: I'm only brave when I have to be. Simba... being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.

Snaree: But you're not scared of anything.

Bone: I was today.

Snaree: You were?

Bone: Yes… I thought I might lose you.

Pino: Hey! what's goin' on here?!

Snaree: What are you doing here?

Trumpee: What do you mean, "What am I doing here?" What are you doing here?!


Snaree: Pino, this is Trumpee. She's my best friend.

Pino: FRIEND?!

Snaree: Yeah. Hey, Grando, come over here. Trumpee, this is Grando. Grando, Trumpee.

Grando: Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Trumpee: The pleasure's all mine.

Trebass: Snaree...? Snaree! I'm a little surprised to see you, alive…

Snaree: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip you apart.

Trebass: Oh, Snaree, you must understand. The pressures of ruling a meloditty kingdom…

Snaree: ...Are no longer yours. Step down, Trebass.

Trebass: Oh, oh, ye... Well, I would, heh, naturally, heh... however, there is one little problem. You see

them? They think I'm King.

Trumpee: Well, we don't. Snaree is the rightful King.

Snaree: The choice is yours, Trebass. Either step down or fight.


  1. Circle Of Life (featuring the Xylo Brothers) Robo, Ensemble

  2. Maestro Nomo, Bone, and Trebass Conversation

  3. Snaree”

  4. Grasslands Chant – Ensemble

  5. Everything the Light Touches

  6. The Morning Report – Maestro Nomo, Bone, Snaree

  7. Elephant Graveyard Conversation

  8. The Brass Instrument Hunt – Ensemble

  9. Snaree and Trumpee Meet

  10. I Just Can’t Wait to Be King (featuring the Xylo Brothers)Snaree, Maestro Nomo, Trumpee, Ensemble

  11. The Bowed String Trio

  12. Chow Down Cello, Viola, Iolin

  13. Bone VS Bowed Strings

  14. I Was Just Trying To Be Brave

  15. They Live In You – Bone, Ensemble

  16. Bowed String Chat

  17. Be Prepared Trebass, Cello, Viola, Iolin, Guitars/Ukeleles

  18. It’s To Break For” Conversation

  19. The Stampede – Ensemble

  20. Bone’s Death

  21. If You Ever Come Back We’ll Break You

  22. Robo Mourns Pt. 1 (Eulogy) Robo, Ensemble

  23. Be Prepared (Reprise) Trebass, Guitars/Ukeleles

  24. Robo Mourns Pt. 2 (featuring the Xylo Brothers) Robo, Trumpee, Drumba

  25. Bowling for Cymbals

  26. Snaree, Pino, and Grando Conversation

  27. Hakuna Matata Pino, Grando, Young Snaree, Big Snaree, Ensemble

  28. One By One (The Entr’acte) (featuring the Xylo Brothers) Ensemble

  29. The Madness of King Trebass Trebass, Cello, Viola, Iolin, Maestro Nomo, Trumpee

  30. ShadowlandTrumpee, Robo, Ensemble

  31. Pino and Grando’s Weem-a-Wep

  32. Under the Stars

  33. He’s Alive

  34. Endless Night Snaree, Ensemble

  35. Go for the Jugular

  36. Reunion

  37. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (featuring the Xylo Brothers) – Pino, Grando, Snaree, Trumpee, Ensemble

  38. Snaree and Trumpee Conversation

  39. Robo’s Chant

  40. We Are One

  41. Bone Ghost

  42. He Lives In You (featuring the Xylo Brothers) Robo, Snaree, Ensemble

  43. Snaree, Trumpee, Pino, and Grando Conversation

  44. This is My Home

  45. Pino and Grando’s Charleston Song

  46. Trebass, Drumba, and Snaree’s Confrontation

  47. Trebass and Snaree’s Confrontation

  48. The Big Battle

  49. Snaree VS Trebass

  50. Trebass’ Death

  51. King Of Pride Rock – Ensemble

  52. Circle Of Life (Reprise) (featuring the Xylo Brothers) Snaree, Trumpee, Pino, Grando, Maestro Nomo, Drumba, Ensemble

  53. End Credits


  • The title card, which is the The Musical Instrument King” text with a drawing of Snaree as an adult on top of it, pops up on the boom at the end of the song “Circle of Life.” It also pops up on the boom at the end of “Circle of Life (Reprise),” but the “The Musical Instrument King” text is replaced with the “The End” text.

  • Instead of “Mr. Pig”, Grando says they call him “Mr. Piano.”

  • There are credits at the end of the movie; the songs that play during the credits are The Lion Sleeps Tonight (full), as well as Grasslands Chant.

  • Deleted songs from this movie were suggested for a “real Broadway” adaption of this spoof: one sung by Trebass, Maestro Nomo, and Bone during their conversation, African vocals clearly heard during the “Under the Stars” scene, the song We Are One from “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride” as sung by Rafiki and the ensemble minutes before the sky reveals Bone Ghost, and one that is all African words sung by the ensemble during Trebass, Drumba, and Snaree’s confrontation.

  • In the extended edition, the songs Be Prepared (Reprise), Robo Mourns Pt. 2, and Busa are cut, and a post credits scene includes Snaree and Trumpee sitting with the brass instruments and holding their new baby; Pino and Grando walk by and Pino says, “Congratulations, hero Snaree, it looks like Robo raised your newest baby drum. Isn’t he adorable?” and the cameras zoom into the Pride Lands with everyone (but Trebass and the bowed strings, guitars, and ukeleles) singing a line from the lullaby “Hush-a-Bye.”

       See full cast and scenes here

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