The Parody Wiki
Title Film Title Length Film Length Performers
The Circle of Life Circle of Life 4:29 4:29 Robo, TMIK Ensemble, The Timpani Twins
Grasslands Chant Grasslands Chant 2:44 2:22 TMIK Ensemble
The Morning Report The Morning Report 2:32 2:32 Maestro Nomo, Bone, Young Snaree
The Brass Instrument Hunt The Brass Instrument Hunt 2:57 2:05 TMIK Ensemble
I Just Can't Wait to Be King I Just Can't Wait to Be King 3:02 3:02 TMIK Ensemble, Young Snaree, Maestro Nomo, Young Trumpee
Chow Down Chow Down 3:17 3:17 Viola, Cello, Iolin
They Live in You They Live in You 4:33 3:01 TMIK Ensemble, Bone
Be Prepared Be Prepared 3:26 3:26 Trebass, TMIK Ensemble, Cello, Viola, Iolin, Box Lute Ensemble
The Stampede The Stampede 2:38 2:38 TMIK Ensemble
Robo Mourns Robo Mourns Part 1 (Eulogy)/Be Prepared (Reprise)/Robo Mourns Part 2 4:58 4:10 Robo, TMIK Ensemble, Trebass, Box Lute Ensemble, Young Trumpee, Drumba
Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata 3:13 3:13 Pino, Grando, Young Snaree, TMIK Ensemble, Big Snaree
One by One Entr'acte 3:46 1:52 Electro, TMIK Ensemble
The Madness of King Trebass The Madness of King Trebass 5:27 5:27 Trebass, Viola, Cello, Iolin, Maestro Nomo, Big Trumpee
Shadowland Shadowland 4:28 4:28 TMIK Ensemble, Trumpee, Robo
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Weem A Wep 1:09 scene TMIK Ensemble, Grando, Pino
Endless Night Endless Night 5:13 4:44 TMIK Ensemble, Snaree
Can You Feel the Love? Can You Feel the Love Tonight? 4:59 2:57 Pino, Grando, TMIK Ensemble, Snaree, Trumpee
He Lives in You He Lives in You 4:21 4:12 TMIK Ensemble, Robo, Snaree
Has Anybody Seen My Piano? Pino and Grando's Charleston Number Extinct in OST scene Pino, Grando
King of Pride Rock/Finale King of Pride Rock/Circle of Life (Reprise) 3:25 3:25 TMIK Ensemble, Snaree, Trumpee, Pino, Grando, Maestro Nomo, Drumba
The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2:42 2:35 The Tokens