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A Furry, Anime & Cartoon Spoof to Marvel's "The New Mutants"

From Littlechild Studios


  • Robyn Goodfellowe (Wolfwalkers) as Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane
  • Gerda (The Snow Queen) as Illyana Rasputin/Magik
  • Yugo (Wakfu) as Sam Guthrie/Cannonball
  • Dr. Zara (Abominable) as Dr. Cecilia Reyes
  • Yi (Abominable) as Dani Moonstar/Mirage
  • Rollan (The Snow Queen) as Roberto "Bobby" da Costa/Sunspot
  • Yu Lei (The Guardian Brothers) as Dani's Father
  • Mor'du (Brave) as Demon Bear
  • Luta (The Snow Queen) as Lockheed
  • Marcella (Legend Quest) as Roberto's Girlfriend (Photo Only)
  • Alibert (Wakfu) as Thomas Guthrie
  • Bill Goodfellowe (Wolfwalkers) as Reverend Craig


Yi, a young Chinese Girl, escapes the destruction of her reservation during a tornado. During the chaos, Yi's Father hides her before an unseen entity kills him, leaving her the only survivor. After being knocked unconscious, Yi awakens in a hospital run by Dr. Zara. Zara comforts Yi, telling her she is a mutant, and advises her to remain in the hospital until she learns what her abilities are and controls them.

Yi is introduced to four other young teenagers; Yugo, Gerda, Rollan and Robyn Goodfellowe. Zara has brought each of them to the hospital after they have all suffered tragedy; Yugo brought down a whole mine on his father and coworkers, Rollan burned his girlfriend to death, Robyn escaped her religiously strict village after being branded as a witch, and Gerda was haunted by her past in child slavery, which manifests itself as otherworldly beings called the "Smiling Men". All of them are manifesting mutant abilities; Rollan can manipulate solar energy, Yugo can use Portals and Telekinetic powers, Gerda has Dragon-like and Sorcery powers, and Robyn's lycanthropy allows her to turn into a wolf. Zara herself is a powerful mutant who keeps her patients from leaving the facility by surrounding it with unbreakable force fields.

Collectively, the five of them believe that they are being trained to join the X-Men, hence the strict supervision, as well as Zara reminding them that they are considered dangerous and should not leave until they have mastered their abilities. Yi immediately befriends Robyn, eventually forming a romantic relationship, while Gerda continues to antagonize Yi. When Yi fights back, she discovers that Gerda's only friend is a hand puppet of a White Weasel who she calls Luta. Soon, the group all begin to have horrifying visions of their past tragedies, one of which results in Robyn getting branded in the neck. Gerda deduces that the visions are the result of Yis powers manifesting; she has the ability to create illusions based on a person's psyche. Zara consults her employers, the Essex Corporation, who instruct her to collect Yi's DNA and have her euthanized.

As Zara takes her away, Yi's panic causes her power to go out of control. Gerda and Yugo are attacked by the Smiling Men while Rollan tries to break through the barrier, which has shrunken down. Yi uses her powers to learn of Zara's true intentions before Robyn arrives in half-wolf form and mauls Zara, forcing her to flee. The five regroup and realize that, in order to escape, they have to kill Zara to deprive the force fields of their power source. They find her and Zara traps them, revealing that she was training them to be killers for Essex. Before she can kill Yi, a Demon Bear who is Mor'du, the entity who had been following Yi and was the true reason her reservation was destroyed, arrives and kills Zara.

Gerda summons her powers to jump between "limbo" and recruits a real life version of Luta to take on Mor'du. Eventually, Yugo and Rollan join the fight, overcoming their insecurities in the process. Robyn tries to reach through to an unconscious Yi until she is forced to fight the Mor'du alone. Yi is visited by her father's spirit, who encourages her to face her fear, which is what called the Bear into existence through her powers. Yi awakens and confronts Mor'du, calming and thus dissipating it. As day breaks, the group learns that the force field is down and leaves the facility.