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This page is used to make all announcements about The Parody Wiki as a whole. Announcements can be made by content moderators, adminstrators or bureaucrats.

New templates

I have created three notice templates that indicate that a page is owned by a creator or a manager. These templates are based on the Fanon Wiki, since I am not able to create templates from scratch. However, I have decided that these templates are useful and helpful to easily indicate the owner of the page(s), and what are the editing restrictions that the owner imposes.

The first template is Restricted Editing. Pages with this notice doesn't allow any editing without permission from the owner. Even without this template, people will not allow any editing anyways. This is the default level of editing restriction of all pages, except character and list pages.

The owner of this page is owner of page. Please do not edit this page without permission from owner of page. If you want to edit this page, please leave a message on owner of page's message wall for permission.

The second template is Limited Editing. Pages with this notice allows editing from certain sections of the page. Other sections require permission from the owner.

The owner of this page is owner of page. owner of page decides to allow editing in the following section(s): section of page. However, all other sections of the page requires permission from the owner by contacting owner of page on the message wall for permission.

The third template is Unrestricted Editing. Pages with this notice allows any editing of the page. As long as there is no vandalism, the owner will approve most of the edits made from other users.

The owner of this page is owner of page. However, owner of page has decided to allow unrestricted editing in this page. In other words, you are allowed to edit this page so as long you don't vandalize.

Please note that pages that aren't character or list pages or don't have the Unrestricted Editing template, only the owner and/or the manager of the page and the administrative team of The Parody Wiki are allowed to edit these pages. It is according to Rule #7 of The Parody Wiki Rules. If anyone edits the restricted pages without permission for the owner, they will receive warnings, and if continued, they will be blocked.

Anyone, please make use of the templates I have created. Thank you for reading this, and Happy Holidays to you all!

(A+278 OR Red278 16:37, December 24, 2019 (UTC))

Blank page deletion

As of December 11, 2019, this wiki has a total of 446 pages without content. See here: Shortest pages. Unfornately, these blank pages are still on this wiki without editing, even for years. To address this issue, I have to delete those pages in 28 days (or on 1/8/2020) so I can clean up this wiki.

Just a reminder for everyone: If you are the creator of the page, and still don't have any content, you have until January 8th, 2020 to put relevant content on your blank pages. If I still see blank pages on the wiki, I will begin deleting these. Thank you for your understanding.

(A+278 OR Red278 01:02, December 12, 2019 (UTC))