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The Pebble and the Plumber Part 20 - Mario Fights Bowser-Knuckles Saves Mario and Peach


Here we are, the climax at high stakes! It's Mario to the rescue. Let’s hope he wins the fight against Bowser and gains the fair Peach's hand for the Full Moon Mating Ceremony. Later, Knuckles saves the lovely couple from the collapsing tower. Looks like his dream of flying finally came true after all.

Cast (In order of Appearance)

Petra - Wendy Darling (Peter Pan;1953)
Beany - John Darling (Peter Pan;1953)
Timmy - Michael Darling (Peter Pan;1953)
Drake - Bowser (Super Mario)
Marina - Princess Peach (Super Mario)
Hubie - Mario (Super Mario)
Rocko - Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog)


(The scene changes to Wendy, John and Michael flying towards Bowser's lair.)

Wendy: Peach's gone!

John: She ran away.

Wendy: No, Bowser kidnapped her. Hurry up!

John: He can't force her to marry him!

Wendy: I know, but he'll try!

Michael: I wish Mario was here… Poor Peach… (sniff) Out there all alone…

John: But, what if Bowser is already marrying Peach?

Wendy: Oh no he won't! Mario will come to her rescue!

(The sun set into the mountains below and the fiery sky transitioned into a starry blue night sky with a full moon. It was the night before the Full Moon Mating Ceremony, and at Bowser's lair, the evil Koopa King was intending to take Peach as his mate by force; it was just as he had planned from the very start. His wicked laughter could be heard from the entrance as Michael, Wendy, and John soared over to them and peeked from the edge)

Bowser: As I said, my pretty, I refuse to lose!

Peach: OW! (She struggles to pull herself free from Bowser's grip and cried out in pain as the Koopa King laughed) You're hurting me!

(With a strong vigor, Bowser pulls Peach to the right with his left hand as she continues to struggle. He gripped her right wrist tightly)

Bowser: (snarling) Then get smart! (Leans in toward Peach’s face.) Yes, or be banished! (He raises his right fist in the air as he pulled Peach close to him.)

Peach: (retorts, trying to hit Bowser) You'll never get me!

Bowser: (croons) But, precious…, You'll only starve!

(Bowser robustly lifts Peach over his right shoulder, and he could hear her cry out in surprise. He let out another maniacal laughter as he proceeded down the stairs of his lair)

Peach: Stop it! (struggles to get herself out of his forceful grip.)

(Bowser continued to cackle as he carried Peach down the grand stairway while Peach was looking down. He grunted when he shifted Peach upward to keep her still, and he resumed laughing while Peach was flailing rapidly and lets out a strident scream for help, which rang through Bowser’s horns and echoed into the night sky. )

Mario: Get your filthy claws off of my girl!

Peach: (delighted) Mario! I knew you would come home in time for me!

Bowser: (shocked) What the?! (Looks up to see Mario standing bravely at the near top of the lair's entrance) Mario! (Places Peach down as she falls over onto her back) We thought you were dead!

Mario: You heard me, Bowser!

Bowser: (snarls) Now you're going to wish that you were…