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(As Ariel awakens, she finds herself covered in seaweed and she notices Megara awakening)

Ariel: Hey, where are we?

Megara: Let's see. Judging by the heat. I'd say I died and went to Phoenix.

Ariel: Meg, look, people like us.

Megara: Looks like some private beach. We must be in Moorea or Tahiti.

Ariel: How do they live like this?

Megara: (getting the seaweed off her) They pay for it.

Ariel: I wonder how far it is to Antarctica.

Megara: 3,000 miles in that direction, but you'll never make it.

Ariel: I will so. I'm fit!

Megara: Trust me on this one. You have "eat me" written all over you.

Ariel: I'm a good swimmer. I'm a mermaid after all.

Megara: You don't know these waters like I do, fishbrain. (Accidentally pulls Ariel up with a string of seaweed on her tailfin like a levee system)

Ariel: You're right. I'm lost.

Megara: Yes. You're lost and I'm looking at a dead mermaid. (bites the seaweed, which causes the levee system to have Megara going up and Ariel falling down)Oh no! Yeah, I give it two day tops and you'll be in the belly of anything from a witch to a Gelfling.

Ariel: Getting back to Eric is all that matters to me. I mean...Meg, look, I dream about him night and day. I see his face if I close my eyes. And this, just look at this. (shows Megara the pebble in her bag) Wow. Is that an engagement pebble or what?

Megara: Do you have to gush like that?

Ariel: You're probably asking yourself where I got it, right?

Megara: Yes!

Ariel: Picture this. Pebble beach, moonlit heavens, gentle breeze---

Megara: C'mon, c'mon, get to it.

Ariel: And suddenly, I look up, and there it is----the first evening star.

Megara: Summarize, summarize.

Ariel: What have I done? I make a wish, and like magic, it jets across the heavens in a blaze of glory and comes to rest at my feet.

Megara: Really?

Ariel: I pick it up and shining deep inside, there is the face of my true love; Eric.

Megara: Oh, so special, so, unique, so what?!

Ariel: Don't you see? It's my fate, Meg. I'm destined to marry Eric. It's in the stars.

Megara: "I'm destined to marry Eric. It's in the stars." Yap, yap, yap. Why don't you get that thing fixed, right?

Ariel: Oh, I'm sorry. I-I-I guess nobody likes a blabbermouth, right?

Megara : No, you think? (bites off the last seaweed on Ariel) There. I'm free of you at last. Now go away. Shoo. Adios.

Ariel: Boy, you're really one grumpy girl in the morning, aren't you?

Megara: No. I'm grumpy all day.

Ariel: What happened? Did your guy run off with another female?

Megara: Something like that. But I’m over that, ok?

Ariel: Oh, then maybe someone's waiting for you, right?

Megara: Hey, look! Will you stop following me?

Ariel: You know what you need? You need a dream.

Megara: I've got one.

Ariel: What is it?

Megara: I'm not gonna tell you.

Ariel: Your secret's safe with me.

Megara: I don't even know you.

Ariel: I won't laugh.

Megara: Forget it!

Ariel: It doesn't matter how silly it sounds.

Megara: Get away!

Ariel: I promise. Cross my heart, I won't laugh.

Megara: Alright, that's it.

Ariel: What? What is this?

Megara: (points to a flying Kryptonian named Supergirl) You're looking at it.

Supergirl: Hey, down there! Nice weather, huh?

Ariel: I'm looking at----you-you-you want to fly, do you? (chuckling)

Megara: Don't laugh.

Ariel: Meg. Everybody knows normal people can't fly.

Megara: You're wrong! You are dead wrong! Our ancestors flew. They gave us wings if they can't fly? I mean--I mean, whose idea of a cruel joke is this?

Ariel: I mean--I mean, you have to just accept it.

Megara: No! No. I won't accept nothing.

Ariel: But, M-Meg, that's the way things are.

Megara: Uh-uh! I wanna fly! I'm gonna fly, and no one's gonna stop me. I'm flying! (Tries to fly, but stumbles off the palm tree. Ariel slides down to meet up with her laughing) Shut up! Don't laugh. Nobody laughs at Megara the Greek.

Ariel: That's funny. I, you see, I expected you to warn me something big. Really stupendous. You know like jumping off the slopes of Mt. Everest or something, but flying. Oh, for heaven's sake, that's so easy.

Megara: Says who?

Ariel: Wanda. That's who.

Megara: Wanda? Who's Wanda?

Ariel: Wanda is a short little woman back in my clan.

Megara: What, really?

(Megara doesn't know that Ariel is lying so she decides to believe her)

Ariel: Yes, really! And listen. She claims to have gotten the hang of flying, her wings are a lot stubbier than you are.

Megara: Hey, hey, hey. These aren't stubs!

Ariel: Oh, but...there I go being a big blabbermouth again.

Megara: Wait, wait. Come back here!

Ariel: (underwater) Thank you for helping me escape, Meg. I have to go though.

Megara: Wait, please, wait!

Ariel: I must go back before the next complete moon. Eric needs me. Goodbye.

Megara: Hey, wait! You're lost. That way's north.

Ariel: Oh, I just remembered something. (swims back to Megara) I think Wanda said a secret to flying was wind speed. Well, anyhow---

Megara: Wind speed?

Ariel: Off I go.

Megara: You know, that's right. That's exactly what I think. That's what I've been working on. That's my theory. Wind speed, you see? You know, that's amazing that there's someone else knows about that. Well, come here. What else did Wanda say?

Ariel: Can we--can we swim as we speak? Eric is waiting.

Megara: Yes, sure. Why not? I have a couple of days anyway.

Ariel: Which way is south?

Megara: Uh, that way.

(The two set off)

Megara: I want to meet this Wanda character.

Ariel: Wanda?

Megara: You get me and Wanda together and I'll get you to the Antarctic by the next complete moon.

Ariel: Oh, alright. I like the sound of that.