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Ariel: I-I've got just ten days to get back home before the Full Moon Ceremony. (In her mind) Maybe that Greek girl can help me. (She stands on the chamber pot and calls for Megara.) (to Megara) Miss! Miss! Take me with you!

Megara: (tampering with the latch on her cage door)  You talkin' to me?

Ariel: (politely) Yes, miss, I am.

Megara: (disrespectfully) Don't call me "miss", call me Megara. Or Meg for short. (She resumes her work.)

Ariel: Meg! Right! Yes. Well, Meg, it's about my man!

Ariel: Uh, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait. (She leans in closer to Ariel.) Now I see. You want me to spring you out of this joint so you can go home to Mister Wonderful, right?

Ariel: Yes, yes, you're right. You see, there's another girl who's after my man.

Megara: (stubbornly) Forget it.

Ariel: But a moment ago, you asked who's for busting out of here. Well, I am.

Megara: (rudely) You're too dumb.

Ariel: Take me please.

Megara: (unconvinced) Why should I?

Ariel: Well, because--if-if-if-if-if the humans see me tripping all over myself that'll divert their attention to me, giving you more time to escape.

Megara: (still unconvinced) Like I really need a diversion.

Ariel: I could scream and yell and make horrible noises. (trips on headfirst to the vase which she is trying to stand on, making Megara laugh.)

Megara: Well, you made me laugh. (continues laughing.)

Ariel: Give me a chance, please. I'll bring the house down.

Megara: What's your name?

Ariel: Ariel.

Megara: Well, uh, Ariel, it's a pleasure meeting you--alright. You're on.

Trolls: Yeah. Go for it, Ariel.

Megara: But hey, remember: once we're on deck, it's every woman for herself.

Ariel: (respectfully salutes Megara) Yes, ma'am.

Megara: Alright, Ariel, here's how you're gonna break out of that cage. Now, I want you to pay attention. Watch my nose.

(Megara proceeds in telling Ariel and the others the details to the escape plan, while the Misery continues treading through the storm, with its bell ringing.)

Merida: Have you got everything?

Ariel: This is all I need. (Showing her pebble)

Madame Mim: Here come the boots.

(Captain Dubois enters in, singing a tune)

Megara: Ok, kid. This is it. Get ready.

Captain Dubois: Ahoy, mateys. Get your gullets ready for the sloppiest slop that ever graced the galley's garbage. You don't know how lucky you are, matey.

(As Dubois puts the handle to the cage down, Ariel puts her pebble on it)

Ariel: A-Almost..... got it..... There!

Captain Dubois: Now I don't want no trouble from you today.

(Megara acts cute)

Captain Dubois: Well, now, that's more like it.

Megara: (In her mind) Now's my chance.

(As Dubois opens Megara's door, she gets a surprise attack, letting the bucket of slop which she is carrying hit her head)

Captain Dubois: Come back here, you...come back!

Voice: What's going on down here?

(Dubois tried to chase Megara down, letting Ariel get her chance to escape)

Megara: Greasy fingers! C'mon, Ariel, let's go!

Captain Dubois: Ah! There's two of them out now!

Ariel: Let me go!

Megara: C'mon. Take your best shot! I'm out of here!

Ariel: My pebble!

Megara: Forget the blasted pebble.

Captain Dubois: Up the stairs!

(Megara lets out a victory holler, as the Trolls and other humans and creatures cheer)

Captain Dubois: Where are they?

Captain Dubois: She's heading for the side!

(With the wave rapidly pushing in, causing damage for everyone until Megara gets on to one of the sails, swings it around, knocking back Dubois and catches Ariel onto the sail she's on.)

Megara: C'mon, let's go!

Ariel: Meg, wait for me!

Ariel: So long, Ariel, I'm out of here! (dives in)

Ariel: Meg, please, wait! Please don't leave me up-----

Captain Dubois: Oh, Wait until I get my hands on you!

(Ariel dives in as well):Geronimo!

(at first Ariel has problems swimming through the stormy waters until Megara assists her, letting her into freedom)

Megara: You can stop following me now. You're on your own. C'mon!

(The scene goes black)