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(Somewhere at a small hill, we see Scarecrow making a heart-shaped symbol in the snow with some rocks with him. Then the Mermaid Children come flying out of the heavens and land near to The Scarecrow)

Narrator: Of all the Boys in the land, the most romantic was Scarecrow. He had a secret love in her life: Dorothy, the most beautiful girl of the kingdom

Pocoyo: Hi, Scarecrow. Tell us a story.

Melody: Yes, a love story.

Lincoln Loud: (rudely) Ugh, that's mushy stuff.

Melody: (disappointed) Ugh, Lincoln.

Scarecrow: Well, once there was a strawman, who fell in love with the most beautiful girl of the whole kingdom.

Melody: Did she love him back?

Scarecrow: They never even met. You see, she was... painfully shy. Well one day, [(cross his fingers behind his back)] he just swam up to her and said, "Hello, Dorothy, I'm Scarecrow and I think you're fabulous."

[Scarecrow, Pocoyo and Melody laugh]

Scarecrow: (sighs) Who am I k-k-k-kidding? I m-m-m-mean I never even t-t-t-talked to the girl.

(However, Scarecrow loses his balance and then slides down the side of the bluff. The Mermaid Children watch him go, until he crashes into Dorothy Gale, who gets up and sees Scarecrow laying on her back.)

Scarecrow: (Shocked) Goodness glaciers! Dorothy!

[Dorothy Gale giggles]

Dorothy Gale: So, it wasn't an avalanche. That was some landing, Scarecrow.

(Scarecrow stumbles and trips over himself again, only then does he get back up)

Scarecrow: (Stuttering) I'm s-s-sorry, Dorothy, I'm just so clumsy.

Dorothy Gale: Oh, don't be silly, Scarecrow.

(They both chuckle)

Narrator: "But, someone else had his eye on the fair Dorothy: Clayton, an evil hunter who always got his way."

(Clayton himself is watching the scene with envy as Gaston, Captain Hook, and Prince John stand by, holding an ice-block mirror in their hands.)

Clayton: (enviously) "That little wimp. I'll knock the stutter right out of him. Dorothy doesn't know it yet. But she’s going to be my wife." (He makes a snowball and then looks at himself in the ice-block mirror.) "Our children will be the strongest, the smartest, the bravest. Not to mention the best looking. Why, they'll be just like me." (He laughs evilly, followed by the three Villains)

"Silence!" (Clayton yells at Gaston, Captain Hook, and Prince John to hush.)

"I'm telling you, fellas: Dorothy is as good as mine."

(The three Villains resume laughing as Clayton tosses the snowball and continues looking at Scarecrow and Dorothy Gale.)