Karyll Aguilar's Movie Spoof of The Princess And The Dog


  • Celina as Tiana (Human)
  • Unikitty as Tiana (Frog)
  • Sylvio Sawatari as Naveen (Human)
  • Puppycorn as Naveen (Frog)
  • Serena (Pokemon) as Charlotte La Bouf
  • Mega Man as Louis The Alligator
  • Luckytama as Ray
  • Dr. Facilier as Himself
  • Yuya Sakaki as Lawrence
  • Karyll Aguilar as Mama Odie
  • Yoshi as Juju
  • Eudora as Herself
  • James as Himself
  • Naveen's Parents as Themselves
  • Big Daddy Eli La Bouf as Himself
  • Fennekin as Stella


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