The Queen of Hearts is the main villain from Alice in Wonderland.

She played Mrs. Grunion in Mr. McDuck & Timmy Turner

She played Aunt Figg in Snoopy and Woodstock The Movie and Guru Ant and Jiminy Cricket: The Movie

She is an evil woman

She played Fairy Godmother in Orinoco (Shrek) 2 and Tod (Shrek)

She is Prince Charming's mother

She played Dr. Robotnik in Ariel Underground

She is a Doctor Who Want to Robotized Sonic, Sonia, And Manic

She played the Old Hag in Anna White and the Seven Characters

She is a witch

She played Yzma in The Mouse's New Groove

She is a skinny old woman

She played the Old Beggar Woman in Beauty and the Duck

She is a peddler

She played Gingerbread Witch in Alice and Pinocchio

She is a witch in the Gingerbread House

She played The Wicked Queen in Elsa White and the Seven Boys

She is a queen

She played Shenzi in The Clan King

She is a hyena

She played Lady Tremaine in Izzyrella

She is a stepmother

She played Jangles the Clown in Guyside Out

She is a clown



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