The Rescuers (Broadwaygirl918 Style) is an upcoming parody of The Rescuers created by Broadwaygirl918.


Alvin Seville as Bernard
Brittany Miller as Miss Bianca
Dr. Frank N. Furter as Madame Medusa
Gilmer as Penny
Jareth as Mr. Snoops
John the Baptist as Orville
Gus as Rufus
Audrey Fulquard as Ellie Mae
Seymour Krelborn as Luke
Evinrude as himself
Lord Chamberlin and Skekzok as Brutus and Nero
Simon Seville as the chairmouse
Dr. Scott as Gramps
Mr. Mushnik as Deadeye
Theodore Seville as Digger
Merrell as Deacon



The Rescuers (Broadwaygirl918 Style) Cast Video

The Rescuers (Broadwaygirl918 Style) Cast Video

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