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The Return of Revolta is a 1997 American direct-to-video animated musical fantasy adventure film produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It is the first sequel to the 1988 film Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School. Released on October 23, 1997.


One year has passed since the events of the first film. Phantasma and Winnie have settled in Ms. Grimwood's School with Tanis and their teacher, Ms. Grimwood. Still yearning for adventures, Sibella, Winnie, Elsa, and Frankenteen foils the robbery of a criminal group led by the ruthless Slitherface, stealing their loot and returning it to the monsters of Ms. Grimwood's School. Meanwhile, in the desert, Psychano escapes from Revolta's ground and, tired of being taken for granted by Revolta, refuses to heed Revolta's demands to free her. After throwing the wand into a well, Psychano returns to Ms. Grimwood's School, hoping to get close to the Grimwood Girls and return to the school. During a confrontation with the Grimwood Girls and Matches, the three are attacked by Slitherface and his men, and Psychano inadvertently saves the girls' life. In gratitude, Sibella keeps Psychano on the palace grounds, promising to speak with Ms. Grimwood on Psychano's behalf.

Slitherface accidentally finds and takes possession of Revolta after finding her wand in the well. Hindered by his incompetent master, Revolta and the Grim Creeper manipulate Slitherface into wasting his first two wishes and enlists his help in taking revenge on the Grimwood Girls, in exchange for granting him a special third wish. Slitherface agrees, still desiring revenge on the Grimwood Girls. At the palace, the Calloway Cadets returns after seeing the world for a whole year, having missed their friends greatly. At the evening banquet, Ms. Grimwood announces her intention to make the girls her new grand viziers. Psychano is revealed, however, when Matches and Winnie chase him into the banquet. Sibella desperately speaks up for Psychano and tries to convince Ms. Grimwood to pardon them, but the Calloway Cadets are left heartbroken that the girls didn't confide in them. Phantasma and Psychano help them reconcile, and the Cadets agree to give Psychano a chance. Ms. Grimwood, however, grows suspicious of the girls for defending Psychano, but agrees to issue a temporary pardon for Psychano, with the stipulation that the girls is to keep an eye on him.

As Psychano begins to grow fond of the Grimwood Girls, Revolta and the Grim Creeper sneak into the palace with Slitherface's help and confronts Psychano, forcing him to help Revolta take revenge on the girls. Psychano reluctantly agrees and arranges a trip for Siebella, Elsa and Ms. Grimwood to a waterfall. Revolta captures Phantasma, Winnie, and Tanis and then goes for Ms. Grimwood, locking them all in the dungeon. Revolta then frames Sibella and Elsa for Ms. Grimwood's alleged capture by posing as Tug Roper and sentencing them to serpent coil wrapping. Psychano waits until the coast is clear and frees Phantasma, enabling her to save Sibella in time. Though Ms. Grimwood's School is now under Revolta's control, and realizing that Revolta is too dangerous to be left alive, Sibella vows to stop her by destroying her wand, which is the only way to kill Revolta, while Psychano decides to leave.

The Grimwood Girls and the Calloway Cadets confront Revolta in the treasure room just before Slitherface can wish her free. Slitherface realizes that his third wish will never be granted and swears revenge on the Grimwood Girls and the Calloway Cadets. Revolta transforms into her mutant form, incapacitates Phantasma, traps Tanis, splits open the School gardens and creates a pool of lava where she traps Sibella on a sinking rock. Psychano returns and grabs the wand, and though he is severely injured by Revolta, he stays conscious long enough to kick the wand into the lava where it melts, destroying Revolta once and for all. Sibella rescues Psychano and they all get to safety as Revolta's magic is undone, restoring the School gardens and Tanis. With Revolta gone, Psychano is adopted by the Grimwood Girls and officially accepted into the school, but the girls ultimately decline Ms. Grimwood's offer to become the viziers, instead opting to see the world with the Calloway Cadets, much to Psychano's chagrin. In the end, Slitherface who was left hanging on a tree, was disappointed not to get his third wish.





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