Bodi as a little pup by rainbowdashfan2010-db3tk10

Young Bodi as Cub Simba


  • Cub Simba-Young Bodi (Rock Dog)

    Chase as Young Simba

  • Young Simba-Chase (Paw Patrol)

    Bodi as Adult Simba

  • Adult Simba-Bodi (Rock Dog)

    Rita as Young Nala

  • Young Nala-Rita (Go Hugo Go)

    Darma as Adult Nala

  • Adult Nala-Darma (Rock Dog)
    Angus Scattergood

    angus scattergood as zazu

  • Zazu-Angus Scattergood (Rock Dog)
    Fleetwood rock dog

    Fleetwood Yak as Rafiki

  • Rafiki-Fleetwood Yak (Rock Dog)
    Linnux rock dog

    linnux as scar

  • Scar-Linnux (Rock Dog)
    Khampa rock dog

    khampa as mufusa

  • Mufusa-Khampa (Rock Dog)
    Khari by rainbowdashfan2010-dbddpjb

    Khari as Sarabi

  • Sarabi-Khari (Rock Dog)
    All 038

    vinny(me) as timon

  • Timon-Vinny (me)
    Kool Aid Man

    kool aid man as pumbaa

  • Pumba-Kool Aid Man

    thomas and stanley as timon and pumba

  • Timon and Pumba-Thomas and Stanley
    Riff and skozz rock dog

    Riff and Skozz as Timon and Pumba

  • Timon and Pumba-Riff and Skozz (Rock Dog)
    Three Grey Wolves.preview

    Grey Wolves as Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

  • Hyenas-Grey Wolves
    Judy in uniform

    Judy Hopps as Sarafina

  • Sarafina-Judy Hopps (Zootopia)
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