The Shrimpers are small boats that collect shrimps, hence their name. They all speak with Cockney accents and appear in various episodes. Their only speaking roles were In Ghosts & Warrior

The Shrimpers

The Shrimpers


  • They have a note-worthy role in the episode Ghosts, when a group of four or five are accidentally led into a mud bank whilst following Warrior as a guide through the fog back to port. They also appear in the episode Warrior, when Warrior nearly runs into them whilst they are fishing shrimps.


Behind the scenes

  • The Shrimper models were no longer in use after TUGS was cancelled, so the models were brought to the sister show of TUGS; Thomas & Friends, where they could be used as rolling stock,the models were seen in different locations in seasons 3-4. It is unknown where the shrimper models are, especially when CGI animations was used to continue the television series of Thomas & Friends.
  • It is likely that the Shrimper models were build from model kits to save the costs of having to build custom models. 

They play the donkeys in Percynocchio (ThomasTenCents34526's Style)

  • They are some foolish boys, who are complete donkeys.

They play the 95 White Persian Monkeys in Raymanladdin (ThomasTenCents34526's Style)

  • They are some white Persian monkeys in the Prince Ali parade.

They play the apple trees in The Wizard of Oz (ThomasTenCents34526's Style)

  • They are some apple trees.

They play the minions in A Hero in Central Park (ThomasTenCents34526's Style)

  • They are Queen Gnorga's minions, who are complete donkeys.

Voice Actors

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