The Spiteful Brakevan is a troublesome brakevan.


The Spiteful Breakvan


The Spiteful Brakevan takes a dislike to Douglas and purposely delays his trains until Donald bumps him violently to teach him a lesson.

After Donald runs into the Tidmouth signalbox, James is saddled with the brakevan, who continues his old tricks. Douglas, as a result, has to help James up Gordon's Hill, and subsequently crushes the brakevan into pieces. He is never rebuilt after that and is scrapped.

Ever since then, the Troublesome Truck have not forgotten the brakevan incident, and they don't dare play tricks on neither Donald or Douglas. It had been an accident really, but no one told the trucks that, and the trucks thought that Douglas smashed him on purpose. Because of this, Donald and Douglas have "transformed" goods traffic on the main line quite easily.


The brakevan is very rude like the Troublesome Trucks. He is taught a lesson after getting bumped by Donald, but misbehaves for James, then gets killed.


The Spiteful Brakevan is based on a standard NE brakevan in the Railway Series, while in the television series, he is based on a BR 20-ton brakevan.


In the Railway Series, the Spiteful Brakevan is painted grey with "NW" on his side in white and 13 20T on his sides. In the television series, he is painted brown.

He plays Moskito in Thomas (Rayman) (Julian Bernardino's Style)

He is a Moskito. The Spiteful Breakvan/Gallery

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