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  • Spongebob Squarepants - Spyro the Dragon
  • Patrick Star - Eruptor (Skylanders)
  • Eugene Krabs - Varvatos Vex (Tales of Arcadia)
  • Squidward Tentancles - Austin (Mercy's Meeting)
  • Sandy Cheeks - Elora (Spyro the Dragon)
  • Sheldon J. Plankton - Professor Poopypants (Captain Underpants (with Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls) as Extra)
  • Karen - Cassandra (Tangled: The Series)
  • Gary the Snail - Sparx (Spyro the Dragon)
  • Pearl Krabs - Sophie (Toddworld)
  • Larry the Lobster - King Cryolophosaurus (Dinosuar Train)
  • King Neptune - Flynn Rider (Tangled)
  • Princess Mindy - Princess Esme (Kiddyzuzaa Land)
  • David Hasselhoff - Itzahk Harms (me)
  • The Cyclops - Arkeyan Conquertron (Skylanders: Giants)
  • Dennis - Emperor Krang (TMNT)
  • Victor - Badlands Dan (Wander Over Yonder)


SpyroBob DragonPants Theme

Spyro and Eruptor Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy

Just a Kid

The Goofy Goober Song

Prince Paul's Bubble Party

Bikini Bottom

The Best Day Ever

They'll Soon Discover

Dragon Man

Under My Rock

Now That We're Men - Spyro & Eruptor

Goofy Goober Rock

You Better Swim

The Jellyfish Song by The Jellyfish Band

SpyroBob DragonPants Theme


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